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Jogo Duplo

Jogo Duplo
Jogo Duplo Jogo Duplo 5.5 / 10 by 2 users
Title:Jogo Duplo
Original Title:Jogo Duplo
Created by: Artur Ribeiro
First Air Date: 2017-12-04
Last Air Date: 2018-04-07
Country: PT
Runtime: 45 min.
Genre: Drama, Soap

Language: pt
 Plot Keyword:orient, revenge, macau


Between the mysterious Orient, the paradisiacal peninsula of Troia, the urbanity of Setúbal and the placid splendor of Alcácer do Sal, "Jogo Duplo" is a telenovela that will confront dysfunctional families, impossible loves and cultural differences, reflecting on the human condition in all its opposites.
João Guerra

Characters : João Guerra

Actor : João Catarré

Margarida Barbosa

Characters : Margarida Barbosa

Actor : Sara Prata

Manuel Qiang

Characters : Manuel Qiang

Actor : Diogo Infante

Maria João Barbosa

Characters : Maria João Barbosa

Actor : Fernanda Serrano

Susana Wuang

Characters : Susana Wuang

Actor : Jani Zhao

Teodoro Guerra

Characters : Teodoro Guerra

Actor : João Lagarto

Afonso Barbosa

Characters : Afonso Barbosa

Actor : Nuno Homem de Sá

Tomás Vaz E Melo

Characters : Tomás Vaz E Melo

Actor : Vítor D'Andrade

Rafael Borges

Characters : Rafael Borges

Actor : Tiago Felizardo

Helena Duque

Characters : Helena Duque

Actor : Sofia Grilo

Teresa Santos

Characters : Teresa Santos

Actor : Sofia Arruda

Luís Humberto

Characters : Luís Humberto

Actor : Sérgio Praia

Gabriela Nunes

Characters : Gabriela Nunes

Actor : Sara Barradas

Emília Venâncio

Characters : Emília Venâncio

Actor : Sandra Santos

Amália Reis

Characters : Amália Reis

Actor : Sandra Faleiro

Óscar Mourão

Characters : Óscar Mourão

Actor : Sabri Lucas

Padre Sousa

Characters : Padre Sousa

Actor : Rui Mendes

Alexandre Guerra

Characters : Alexandre Guerra

Actor : Rodrigo Tomás

Telmo Carrapatoso

Characters : Telmo Carrapatoso

Actor : Pompeu José

Marta Monteiro

Characters : Marta Monteiro

Actor : Paula Neves

Tobias Fragoso

Characters : Tobias Fragoso

Actor : Marques D'Arede

Patrícia Dias

Characters : Patrícia Dias

Actor : Maria Hasse

Rosa Trindade

Characters : Rosa Trindade

Actor : Maria Emília Correia

Clara Neves

Characters : Clara Neves

Actor : Manuela Couto

Renato Nunes

Characters : Renato Nunes

Actor : Luís Ganito

Vítor Duque

Characters : Vítor Duque

Actor : Luís Esparteiro

Sílvia Cunha

Characters : Sílvia Cunha

Actor : Liliana Brandão

Sérgio Sarabando

Characters : Sérgio Sarabando

Actor : João de Brito

Joaquim Sequeira

Characters : Joaquim Sequeira

Actor : João Brás

Tiago Venâncio

Characters : Tiago Venâncio

Actor : Graciano Dias


Characters : Fernando "Freddy" Alves

Actor : Filipe Matos

Miguel Cássio

Characters : Miguel Cássio

Actor : Fernando Pires

Osvaldo Branco

Characters : Osvaldo Branco

Actor : Eurico Lopes

Diogo Guerra

Characters : Diogo Guerra

Actor : Duarte Gomes

Laura Barbosa Guerreiro

Characters : Laura Barbosa Guerreiro

Actor : Diana Costa e Silva

Sandra Duque

Characters : Sandra Duque

Actor : Bárbara Branco

Ti Chico (Franciso Nunes)

Characters : Ti Chico (Franciso Nunes)

Actor : António Melo

Cátia Sobral

Characters : Cátia Sobral

Actor : Anna Eremin

Diana Barbosa

Characters : Diana Barbosa

Actor : Ana Varela

Sónia Mateus

Characters : Sónia Mateus

Actor : Ana Lopes Gomes

Leonor Neves

Characters : Leonor Neves

Actor : Alba Baptista

Rodrigo Sousa

Characters : Rodrigo Sousa

Actor : Afonso Pimentel

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