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O Outro Lado do Paraíso

O Outro Lado do Paraíso
O Outro Lado do Paraíso O Outro Lado do Paraíso 4.5 / 10 by 8 users
Title:O Outro Lado do Paraíso
Original Title:O Outro Lado do Paraíso
Created by: Walcyr Carrasco
First Air Date: 2017-10-23
Last Air Date: 2018-03-12
Country: BR
Runtime: 50 min.
Genre: Drama, Soap

 Networks:Rede Globo
Language: pt
 Plot Keyword:


In Tocantins, we meet Clara, an innocent young woman when it comes to love affairs, who lives next to her grandfather, Josafá, in Jalapão. She meets Gael, a good-humored, but explosively tempered man, heir to a wealthy family of Palmas. The attraction between the two is immediate and Clara soon gives in to this passion - she hardly knows that this love will take her from heaven to hell! For 10 years, Clara will be hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. During the closing period, the young woman thinks about how she ended up there, strengthens herself and understands that she was the victim of a major blow.
Clara Tavares

Characters : Clara Tavares

Actor : Bianca Bin

Elizabeth Mello / Maria Eduarda Feijó

Characters : Elizabeth Mello / Maria Eduarda Feijó

Actor : Glória Pires

Sophia Monserrat

Characters : Sophia Monserrat

Actor : Marieta Severo

Gael Monserrat

Characters : Gael Monserrat

Actor : Sérgio Guizé

Renato Loureiro

Characters : Renato Loureiro

Actor : Rafael Cardoso

Bruno Vasconcelos

Characters : Bruno Vasconcelos

Actor : Caio Paduan

Lívia Monserrat

Characters : Lívia Monserrat

Actor : Grazi Massafera

Patrick de Sá Junqueira

Characters : Patrick de Sá Junqueira

Actor : Thiago Fragoso

Samuel dos Passos

Characters : Samuel dos Passos

Actor : Eriberto Leão

Nádia Vasconcelos

Characters : Nádia Vasconcelos

Actor : Eliane Giardini


Characters : Leandra

Actor : Mayana Neiva

Mercedes Alcântara

Characters : Mercedes Alcântara

Actor : Fernanda Montenegro


Characters : Suzana "Suzy"

Actor : Ellen Rocche

Raquel Custódio

Characters : Raquel Custódio

Actor : Erika Januza

Estela Monserrat

Characters : Estela Monserrat

Actor : Juliana Caldas


Characters : Mariano

Actor : Juliano Cazarré

Josafá Tavares

Characters : Josafá Tavares

Actor : Lima Duarte

Diego Vasconcelos

Characters : Diego Vasconcelos

Actor : Arthur Aguiar

Zé Victor

Characters : Zé Victor

Actor : Rafael Losso

Nicácio Santino

Characters : Nicácio Santino

Actor : Fábio Lago


Characters : Desireé

Actor : Priscila Assum


Characters : Maíra

Actor : Juliane Araújo

Adneia dos Passos

Characters : Adneia dos Passos

Actor : Ana Lúcia Torre

Gustavo Vasconcelos

Characters : Gustavo Vasconcelos

Actor : Luís Melo

Cleo Alcântara

Characters : Cleo Alcântara

Actor : Giovana Cordeiro


Characters : Ivanilda

Actor : Telma Souza


Characters : Xodó

Actor : Anderson Tomazini


Characters : Rosalinda

Actor : Vera Mancini

Adriana Mello

Characters : Adriana Mello

Actor : Julia Dalavia


Characters : Juvenal

Actor : Anderson Di Rizzi


Characters : Rafael

Actor : Igor Angelkorte

Laura Sandoval

Characters : Laura Sandoval

Actor : Bella Piero


Characters : Caetana

Actor : Laura Cardoso


Characters : Tomas

Actor : Vitor Figueiredo


Characters : Cido

Actor : Rafael Zulu


Characters : Odair

Actor : Felipe Titto

Amaro Antunes

Characters : Amaro Antunes

Actor : Pedro Carvalho


Characters : Tonia

Actor : Patrícia Elizardo


Characters : Henrique

Actor : Emílio de Mello


Characters : Vinícius

Actor : Flávio Tolezani


Characters : Renan

Actor : Marcello Novaes


Characters : Melissa

Actor : Gabriella Mustafá


Characters : Jô

Actor : Bárbara Paz


Characters : Lorena

Actor : Sandra Corveloni


Characters : Natanael

Actor : Juca de Oliveira

Laura (1ª Fase)

Characters : Laura (1ª Fase)

Actor : Luísa Bastos

Adriana (1ª Fase)

Characters : Adriana (1ª Fase)

Actor : Lara Cariello

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