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It's not the end of the world... there's still six hours left.
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Last Night (1998)
Last Night (1998) Last Night (1998) 7.1 / 10 by 33 users
Title:Last Night
Original Title:Last Night
Director:Don McKellar
Writer: Don McKellar
Release: 1998-10-23
Country: Canada
Language: English
Runtime: 95 min.
Genre: Romance, Drama, Science Fiction

 Production Company:Cineplex
 Plot Keyword:suicide, female nudity, father son relationship, sex, guitar, brother sister relationship, canada, nudity, toronto, chaos, christmas tree, computer, satire, y2k, dark comedy, end of the world, independent film, mother daughter relationship, anal sex, apocalypse, gay man, doomsday, mother son relationship, older woman younger man relationship, christmas, piano, hit with a shovel, tv newscaster
 Alternative Titles:


    It's 18:00 in a somewhat deserted Toronto on the last day before the scheduled end of the world at midnight, the end which has been known now for months. Most people are treating midnight as a matter-of-fact event with little sense of panic. In fact, many are celebrating this last day. Most have very specific wants for this last day and will do whatever they need to to make those wants happen. And some, such as Duncan and Donna with the gas company, are working, ensuring that the masses are served and comfortable during the final hours. The Wheeler family are marking the last day by having a Christmas party, although sullen adult son Patrick, his thoughts in part stemming from being recently widowed, has made it clear he wants to be alone in his own home at the end. Patrick's wants may be in jeopardy when a woman named Sandra - Duncan's wife - lands on his doorstep. Sandra is stranded, trying to make it across town to her own home so that she and Duncan can carry out their own last night pact at the stroke of midnight. As Patrick tries to help Sandra on his own, mostly unsuccessfully, they try to enlist the assistance of various people, including Patrick's best friend Craig, who has his own sexually oriented last day list of tasks. As Sandra goes on her quest, Duncan himself faces his own issues while waiting for his wife. But as midnight approaches, some can't fulfill their planned destiny so have to make some quick improvisations, while the priority of others changes.
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  • Patrick Wheeler

    Characters : Patrick Wheeler

    Actor : Don McKellar


    Characters : Sandra

    Actor : Sandra Oh

    Mrs. Wheeler

    Characters : Mrs. Wheeler

    Actor : Roberta Maxwell

    Mr. Wheeler

    Characters : Mr. Wheeler

    Actor : Robin Gammell

    Jennifer 'Jenny' Wheeler

    Characters : Jennifer 'Jenny' Wheeler

    Actor : Sarah Polley


    Characters : Alex

    Actor : Trent McMullen


    Characters : Grandmother

    Actor : Charmion King


    Characters : Rose

    Actor : Jessica Booker


    Characters : Duncan

    Actor : David Cronenberg


    Characters : Donna

    Actor : Tracy Wright

    Craig Zwiller

    Characters : Craig Zwiller

    Actor : Callum Keith Rennie


    Characters : Lily

    Actor : Karen Glave

    Streetcar Mother

    Characters : Streetcar Mother

    Actor : Arsinée Khanjian

    Streetcar Daughter

    Characters : Streetcar Daughter

    Actor : Chandra Muszka

    Mrs. Carlton

    Characters : Mrs. Carlton

    Actor : Geneviève Bujold

    Angry Driver

    Characters : Angry Driver

    Actor : Bryan Renfro

    Wild Guy #1

    Characters : Wild Guy #1

    Actor : François Girard

    Wild Guy #2

    Characters : Wild Guy #2

    Actor : Daniel Iron

    Wild Guy #3

    Characters : Wild Guy #3

    Actor : Bruce McDonald


    Characters : Menzies

    Actor : Michael McMurtry

    Cousin Ernie

    Characters : Cousin Ernie

    Actor : Pierre Elrick

    Reveller #1

    Characters : Reveller #1

    Actor : Kirsten Johnson

    Reveller #2

    Characters : Reveller #2

    Actor : Regan Moore

    Reveller #3

    Characters : Reveller #3

    Actor : Darren O'Donnell

    T.V. Newscaster

    Characters : T.V. Newscaster

    Actor : Bob Martin


    Characters : Marty

    Actor : Michael Barry

    Marty's Girlfriend

    Characters : Marty's Girlfriend

    Actor : Nathalie Shats

    Radio D.J. (voice)

    Characters : Radio D.J. (voice)

    Actor : Tom McCamus

    The Runner

    Characters : The Runner

    Actor : Jackie Burroughs

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